Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life of 1 MAN

Someone said to me before,

You take me fly to upper sky, when we there you release my hand,
I fell, and you know, it make me hurt so much. 

Well aku memang dah sakitkan hati banyak orang, ntah la x terkira agaknya, terutama orang2 yang aku sayang sangat, kadang x sengaja aku nak sakitkan ati, tp 2 lah kan, manusia mana yang x pernah wat salahkan, well whatever reason is life must go on...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why I Live Every Day Like It’s My Last

A Good Girl

Alisa was my best friend.  She was a talented musician, a graceful gymnast, a brilliant writer, and a deeply passionate individual.  She cared so much about people.  Love bled from every facet of her being.  When she spoke, her eyes were as sincere as her words.  And she always wanted to understand what was wrong so she could strive to make it better.
But Alisa woke up one day during her senior year in college with a strange pain in her chest.  The on-campus doctors didn’t understand why, so they referred her to a specialist.  After several MRIs and blood tests, they determined that she had a rare, escalated case of Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a form of cancer.  She spent the next three years suffering through varying degrees of pain and sickness as multiple doctors treated her with radiation and chemotherapy.  And although these doctors were initially hopeful, Alisa's condition worsened, and she eventually passed away on her 25th birthday.

A Bad Guy

Eian was also my friend.  Though not as multi-talented as Alisa, he was insanely smart – particularly when it came to money and business tactics.  But he didn’t care about people.  I eventually learned, just before ending our eight year friendship, that he ripped people off for a living.  He primarily targeted elderly folks who had a relatively small life savings.  “They’re all suckers,” he told me.  And he felt no remorse because, he continued, “they’ll be dead soon anyway.”
Today, at the age of 28, Eian is a multi-millionaire.  And although we haven’t spoken in years, I’ve heard from others that he still hasn’t gotten into any legal trouble – largely, I think, because of the calculated threats that I’ve heard he makes to anyone he suspects might have a good conscience.  I hear, also, that he doesn’t suffer from any major health problems, and that he, his trophy wife, and his two healthy sons live in a mansion somewhere.

The Reason

These are old stories – familiar stories.  The people and the circumstances differ slightly for everyone who tells them, but the core lessons remain the same.  Life isn’t fair.  Bad things do happen to good people.  And good things do happen to bad people.
Yet, these are the excuses many of us use when we choose not to follow our hearts.  And they are the excuses many of us use when we choose to treat ourselves and each other without dignity and respect.  “Why care?” we argue, “When the Alisa’s of the world suffer and die young while the Eian’s of the world sip wine at a five-star resort well into their 80’s.”
But for some of us, Alisa and Eian are the reason we do follow our hearts.  His story is the reason we live to make the world a little brighter, to make people a little happier.  And her story is the reason we use all of the strength we have right now.  Because we know we may not have the same strength tomorrow.
Because a world with no guarantees requires us to live every day…
As if it were our last.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Truth Of LIFE

" People who live always begging Him to take their life,
While people who is going to die always begging Him to live. "

WHY ??

Because the living always think that if they die, their life will be calmer, so they do not need to think about problems and tests that hit their lives, that is why many people choose a short path, that is suicide.

Whereas those approaching death is often prayed to Him to extend their lives, they said they still need time to do their best in their lives as human beings and servants.

My mom always said this to me:

"God always gives us tests that we had never expected, he gives us tests because He loves us, He wants to see how we can survive the test from Him, when we pass the test given, He will test us with another test, the reasons behind the test is there are so many wisdom and grace from Him for us, let our lives difficult first before it easier in the future. "

Monday, July 4, 2011

Artistic Science

Do you remember that title,
Our finest title for a new start of our LIFE,
But today, you has gone n go far away from me,
I'm hurt, it's really2 painful, it's killing me slowly,
I need you, really2 need you,
Need your word 2 make me strong again,
Need to hear your voice again 2 make me warm,
Someone making me hurt, it just to hurt,
It's cut is so deep...
I don't noe how can I heal my wound.
Can I HEAL myself again ???

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today I round the island and went to Batu Ferrenghi,
From the top I see many people under,
Sometimes I could hear people laughing while bathing at the bottom,

From the top I could see her,
She looks very angry at me;
I do not know why she mad at me,
Did I do anything wrong to her 

Did you know ? I really need you the most at this time,
But what can I do rite? It's OK, I understand.

From the top, I could breathe the air freshly as much as I want,
I rarely get a taste of such grace,
At the same time I think of HER words,

'Life is just a moment, suppose that you would die shortly,
What do you think you have done the best for your life '


Now it my turn to faced something that you have encounter before,
Now I'm really terrified, afraid if I'm not strong as you,
How long I can survive ??? I'm not sure,
I hope that I could fulfill my responsibility,
I hope I can do my best to live for HER,
before I went to see you in there.