Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Truth Of LIFE

" People who live always begging Him to take their life,
While people who is going to die always begging Him to live. "

WHY ??

Because the living always think that if they die, their life will be calmer, so they do not need to think about problems and tests that hit their lives, that is why many people choose a short path, that is suicide.

Whereas those approaching death is often prayed to Him to extend their lives, they said they still need time to do their best in their lives as human beings and servants.

My mom always said this to me:

"God always gives us tests that we had never expected, he gives us tests because He loves us, He wants to see how we can survive the test from Him, when we pass the test given, He will test us with another test, the reasons behind the test is there are so many wisdom and grace from Him for us, let our lives difficult first before it easier in the future. "